"Don't get it twisted....The Hood knows business."

The BizPage
Whether you have a website and/or social media or not, let BizInTheHood build you a BizPage that is better than a website, way less expensive, connects people to your social media and allows them to SEE your BUSINESS by simply saying--"Find us on Bizinthehood!"

The BizPage

Quick. To The Point.

Everything they need to know about you to do business with you.

Link to all your social media.
My Facebook is, my Instagram is, my Dat Piff is, my Twitter is...ALL DIFFERENT. Noone can remember all that. Just tell them "find me on Bizinthehood"!
The BizInTheHood BizPage:
Custom built by US for YOUR business!
  • video
  • pictures
  • printable coupons
  • specials
  • announcements
  • testimonials/shout outs
  • promotions
  • company & product info
  • links to Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/etc.
  • links to your website
  • scanned business card
  • menu, coupons
  • PayPal button
  • Whatever you need....
ANYTHING you need to show the public what YOUR business is all about! Quick, Simple and Straight to the point!
$35 bucks for the entire YEAR!
Only $3 bucks a month---that's .67 cents per week. $35 bucks for the entire year!

The BizInTheHood BizPage: A low cost marketing and advertising tool for your business.
We build it for you.
No Hosting fees whatsoever.

Ready? OK.... Simply Join Bizinthehood --- FREE

Actual BizPages
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The BizPage is better than a flier, phonebook, newspaper ad AND social media because it SHOWS your BUSINESS. Better than a website--Short, Simple, Concise, Beautifully Designed and shows the public EVERYTHING they need to know about you and YOUR BUSINESS---QUICKLY!
Social media is GREAT, but it does not actually SHOW your BUSINESS.
This... or This?
social media The BizPage
Click the phones or links and compare for yourself.
Which SHOWS your BUSINESS???
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Social Media + Bizinthehood
If you don't have it PLEASE take advantage of these FREE and powerful tools and get a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube account. Get the public to your BizPage, show them YOUR BUSINESS (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube do NOT show your business), but then invite them to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube where you can have a conversation with them and deliver fresh content to them! Engage, interact, strengthen relationships, and close the deal!!! Combine Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube to promote and draw people to your BizPage--and vice versa!

The results can be....SPECTACULAR!
+ + + + = Success For

How to Use
The next time someone wants to know about your business, say "find us on BizInTheHood"!
The "icon line" (placed on an actual menu)
THIS is how you do it. Make it ALL work.....for YOU.
Ready? OK...."Let's do this!!!!"
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