It's Time To Respect The Hood

THE Symbol for Business.
We are all about stimulating the "Hood Dollar"...
What Do We Do?

Let us count the ways.

Connect You The Masses....
The Power of the Words "Find Me On Bizinthehood"
"The Vocal Business Card"
Connect to the MASSES.....FREE

The BizPage
THE Web Presence Alternative.
The Bizinthehood BizPage

Commercials Online AND On TV
(BET, VH1, ESPN, etc...)
OR on online--
That's what we do! ;)

Visit our YouTube Channe
to see our work,
then give us a call!
The Game "This Is My Hood"

Get IN The Game...

The Music App

The Sounds From YOUR Hood.
Your Music to the MASSES

The Hook-Up
Submit any specials, discounts or deals and we will post it in our special section. We call it, well, you guessed it--The Hook Up

Hood Gigs
Need Workers? No need to spend money placing an ad, post your job opportunity to Bizinthehood Hood Gigs--FREE.
Bizinthehood B.A.D.
The Advertising Agency For The Hood.

The Bizinthehood Ad Division (B.A.D.) can advertise your business online, on the street, on TV--and IN the game!. We can place your message and your brand just about anywhere. Bizinthehood B.A.D. serves as your ad agency doing the leg work, the production and everything you need to present your message to the masses.

From content and ads placed throughout the Bizinthehood network (the Website, The Bizinthehood Game, The Weekly B, etc...), to commercials on BET, VH1, ESPN, OWN, TBS, etc., to promotions, contests and events, to Billboards above the street down to fliers on the street. Call and speak to a Bizinthehood B.A.D. Rep today.

Online, On The Streets, On TV and IN The Game
BizInTheHood Business and Bizinthehood B.A.D.

We Got You!
All this and MORE available to you! All you have to do is "Be On Bizinthehood", and being on Bizinthehood is FREE.
Holla @ Us
Don't Get It Twisted. The Hood Knows Business.TM
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