"Don't get it twisted....The Hood knows business."

On And Of Course On..... ?
Well Get IN The GAME...Literally
This Is My Hood
Your Business
Marketed IN The Game!
Actual storefront drawn in the game. The inside of your place and YOU (the owner). YOUR BUSINESS---
On Billboards. On Buses. AND MUCH MUCH more!

The Quickie: A Quick Breakdown

OK You are a Business Owner, Entrepreneur, Artist, Singer, Rapper, Photographer, Poet, Barber, Stylist, Author, Designer, Model, Actor, DJ, Choreographer, Vendor, Street Hustler, etc....

We get your message to the masses on their cell phones...
By Simply Taking Our Logo...

Then lets people learn more about you IN the game through your Bizinthehood Profile and get directly to all your social media and internet presences!

PLUS You get to tell them about your discounts, deals, specials, promotions, etc.
"We have 2 for 1 chicken wings"; "$35 sew-in this week"; "Come see us tonight for some real hip-hop"....

You want in?
We want you in! Being in the game is not just for everyone. Those placed in the game are our sponsors. Our partners. You have to be approved. Don't panic. You are part of the bigger picture. The game is open to those who understand what the game is all about, what Bizinthehood stands for, and are willing to be part of the collective to make the game even BETTER!!!

Is that you? Well GET IN THE GAME!

"This Is My Hood" Application Bizinthehood Members Only
If you are not a Bizinthehood Member, all you have to do is join -- and membership is FREE.

A Sneek Peek Preview of "This Is My Hood"

"This Is My Hood" replicates a real world environment with businesses, people, landmarks, etc. from Philly and creates a way for you to PROMOTE yourself in the game, the same way you do in real life, but in a way that creates an experience where the people playing actually absorb and not reject the promotions and advertising, because it is not being forced on them, while at the same time incorporating opportunities that are seamlessly integrated into game play that the public will actively choose to engage for some benefit or reward provided by the game.

New Preview that features opportunities for singers, rappers, etc.
Holla @ Us
Don't Get It Twisted. The Hood Knows Business.TM
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