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The public sees your Bizinthehood Profile (The BizPage) and learn quickly about you AND get to your social media (and email, store address, phone number, website, etc.). People cannot remember all your social media handles or contact info, but they cannot forget Bizinthehood. Get them to your BizPage and then drive them to your social media where you can form the relationships and seal the deal, make a sale, or make a new fan.

What does it mean for YOU to be ON Bizinthehood?
Promotion. Services. Community.

FREE Promotion: Indirect and Direct. Indirect when we say “search the B”. Throughout all of our platforms, our website, social media, and media coverage, we tell the public to “search the B” for the products, services, etc. that our clients represent. For example, if we are covering a car show, we may tell the public to “search the B” for a place to get their car washed. Direct free promotion comes when we simply pick a client to blast out and let the masses know all about you!

Sponsored Promotion: Once on Bizinthehood, you are not just a member, you are a client and can take advantage of all the services provided by Bizinthehood Business, which includes ads throughout our platforms, but also commercials online AND on TV, placement in our mobile app game, our music app, and more.

Client Services: As a member/client you are able to take advantage of additional Bizinthehood Business services including business development, consulting and marketing. In addition, as a client you receive additional benefits such as Free Hookup promotion (promoting your discounts and deals to the public), Free Hood Gigs postings (help wanted ads)!

Community: Our clients make a major contribution to our "Up to P.A.R." (Proactive. Active. Reactive.) community efforts simply through their purchase of our BizPage, where 100% of the $35 yearly fee is donated to our BizFund which is used as a funding source for our initiatives.

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