"Don't get it twisted....The Hood knows business."
What is a BizRep?
OK, we will make this as quick and simple as possible. What is a BizRep? What do they do? Let's start by giving you the short version of what Bizinthehood is. Bizinthehood, in a nutshell, is a promoter of small businesses. We do it in a variety of ways (and we do much more than that--but don't worry about that right now:).

Our latest and ULTRA COOL way to promote the businesses and entrepreneurs, artists, singers, rappers, photographers, poets, models, barbers, stylists, vendors, street hustlers... all those people stimulating "the hood economy", is our game "THIS IS MY HOOD"!

AND THAT is where you come in. You go to all those Hood Economy Stimulators in the inner city, the neighborhood, the hood...there are A TON OF THEM, they all NEED this, they will WANT THIS....and YOU sign them up! And GET PAID!

"This Is My Hood"
The Bizinthehood Game, “This is My Hood”, a mobile app for both Android and iPhone, stars our mascot, The B, and is all about Philly--All Philly. Real places, real people, REAL Philly. Read all about "This Is My Hood" and see why THEY WILL ALL want to be in the game!
Our Logo Turned Into A Mascot... Now Game Action Hero!
The Symbol.
For The Street.
For Business. For The Hood.
The B (The Real Life One)
The B in "This Is My Hood"
A short general preview of the game and a couple of the promotional opportunities within (there are MANY ways to promote within the game beyond what you will see in this short promo).

Want In???
Yes you do, cuz you'll clean up just doing this part-time.
How much pizza money, video game money, rent money, pizza money (said that already huh?)--- well, how much can you make? A LOT.

So? Question...."are you down?"

If you are, holla at us by submitting a Bizume today!!!!!

Holla @ Us
Don't Get It Twisted. The Hood Knows Business.TM
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