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BizInTheHood Opportunities!

Thank you for your interest in BizInTheHood. On this page you will find the job opportunities we have available. Please check back periodically as we soon will be adding additional opportunities. Thank you for your interest. We look forward to hopefully welcoming you as a member of our BizInTheHood Family.


Don't Sweat It. We probably have a gig that fits you.
Read about Bizinthehood and then check out the jobs that we have available. We have positions that require NO experience as well as some that need mad skills. Use the chart below to help find the job that is right for you!

Experience/Skills/Job Level Chart

1 (Little to No Experience Needed)
2 (Need a little Game)
3 (More Experience)
4 (Specialized/Mad Skills Required)

Bizinthehood believes in people. So, take the above chart as a general guideline, but don't be afraid to go for any of the positions--IF, IF, IF you really believe "I got this!".

The Positions

Position: Street Ambassador
No Experience Needed, BUT Go-Getter Attitude Required. $10/hr
The Bizinthehood Street Ambassador spreads Bizinthehood directly to the small business community one business at a time. You basically let the businesses know all the things Bizinthehood can do for them and sign them up to join Bizinthehood absolutely FREE. There is NO selling involved at all, but you do have to produce results.

We expect Street Ambassadors to sign 10 businesses a day. No big. You simply present the opportunity to get their business online for free and to promote their discounts and specials to the masses via the Bizinthehood network, totally free. While walking your beat you will grid and document the businesses, take a picture of the businesses, a “selfie” in front of the business, collect any info they may have (business cards. etc.), and identify businesses you think may be good candidates for a Bizinthehood produced commercial. Basically, you spread word of Bizinthehood, have fun and get paid.

The position pays $10 an hour, 5 hours a day, 5 days a week. There are also bonuses available. For example, if someone you sign up for the FREE product you are presenting to them decides they want to eventually upgrade to the paid ($35 for the ENTIRE year) product, then we will give you $5 bucks for each one that does that. YOU don't sell anything at all. We take care of that for you. All you are doing is giving it away!

Easy right?

The position is part time but there are opportunities to be promoted into a full time position with incentives, bonuses and significant growth opportunities, including pay scale increases and promotions.

Position: "This Is My Hood" BizRep
No Experience Needed. Hustle required! $$$$$ TOTALLY up to your level of hustle!
We have other opportunities available for people looking to make some extra cash, including becoming a Independent Biz Rep for our mobile game, "This is My Hood". For more info check out the This Is My Hood BizRep page.

Position: General Team B Member
No Experience Needed. Down with The B is all you need! and $10/hr - $20/hr
We need good people, period. People who want a chance to make real dough ($$$), but just as importantly, want a chance to be with an up and coming company that is positioned to make major waves, want more than just a gig, but want a career, want to be part of something ULTRA COOL, are willing to work hard and do whatever it takes to be a part of something special, want to be one of the few on the inside of the next big thing (everyone says that right? YES they do... Yet we STILL said it) If you want these things, we want to hear from YOU.

Being a member of Team B, including telephone support, computer work, being in front and behind the camera, sponsorship procurement/sales, marketing and advertising, planning, development, community involvement, travel, talking trash from time to time...

Position: Commercial Ad Rep
No Experience Needed. Cool, Chill and Smooth Attitude a Must. $15/hr (+)
We are currently looking for individuals who would love to be a part of a business movement that will be fun, rewarding and lucrative by joining Bizinthehood’s Advertising Agency, Bizinthehood B.A.D. The position doesn’t require any experience, so don’t freak out. :) Bizinthehood has produced and placed over two dozen commercials on TV here in Philadelphia on networks including BET, ESPN, OWN, Style, Bravo, E!, and more. Basically all you do is go to businesses that would be ideal to have a commercial placed on TV, show them what we do, tell them how insanely cheap (sorry, extremely cost effective) and unbelievably simple and again, VERY inexpensive it is to place THEIR business on networks such as BET where THOUSANDS will see them and know about their business. Simple.

The position is part time (5 hours a day) and pays $15 per hour with commission added for each business that gets a commercial produced by Bizinthehood as a result of YOU!

There are opportunities to be promoted into a full time position with incentives, bonuses and significant growth opportunities, including pay scale increases and promotions.

Position: Artists, Graphic Designers, 3D Modelers...
Real Talent Need Only Apply and $$$ VARIES
We need you if you have talent. Creative people are needed to contribute assets to our video production, print ads, web graphics, video game, the list goes on and on. If you have those skills, we have opportunities for you, either as part of the official staff, or as one of our official freelancers. Show us what you got!!!!

Position: Game Development Programmer
Mad Skills Required. $50,000/yr
We need someone with mad Unity skills for our Game Division, Bizinthehood Games. The first game we are developing is an adventure game, "This Is My Hood". We are looking for a programmer who has experience with Unity to work on this game and all our future releases as well. Our development strategy is a team approach which utilizes not just our in-house talent, but also freelancers, interns and established studios who all come together in a creative, collaborative process to produce Bizinthehood quality results. The ideal candidate as a result, would have to be a good manager, as they will often serve as the project manager, and must be someone who works well within a team concept.

Fresh out of college? Been in the game for awhile and need a new start? Or, have no formal training, but have the skills? ALL of you are welcomed to apply!!!

You've read the job descriptions, and are ready to apply. OK, visit the site and get a feel for what we do, understand the product and the brand, and afterwards if you still believe with 100 percent certainty that you are the one that can fulfill the requirements of the position, no doubts whatsoever, please do not hesitate and click......APPLY. BUT, before you do, make sure you are The Bizinthehood Standard.

We hope that YOU are THE ONE we are looking for.

Bizinthehood is an equal opportunity employer. Those are not token words, we want and need everyone from all walks of life. That is what makes a company strong! Real Rap.

Holla @ Us
Don't Get It Twisted. The Hood Knows Business.TM
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