"Don't get it twisted....The Hood knows business."
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The Bizinthehood Standard

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Bizinthehood is an online and offline news, entertainment, marketing and advertising, inner city brand, a symbol. It is a place where the city comes for news, entertainment, info on events and for "The Hook Up"--discounts and deals on products and services from the businesses in their neighborhood, along with cool contests, giveaways and promotions and the Bizinthehood Search product that allows them to find, see and learn about the businesses "in their hood".

Bizinthehood supports the business community through its business division, Bizinthehood Business which specializes in promoting, growing and supporting business in the inner city through a variety of marketing, advertising and promotional opportunities including everything from creating an internet presence for the small business, to placing content and ads on Bizinthehood, to commercials produced and placed on BET, VH1, ESPN, Bravo, TBS, etc., to promotions, contests and events, to billboards above the street down to fliers on the street, AND our latest vehicle to help promote the inner city business, our game, "This Is My Hood".

Bizinthehood was born and is headquartered in Philadelphia, but is soon to strategically expand our brand and model throughout the country. There is MUCH more to Bizinthehood, but that is a quick summary of what you need to know about Bizinthehood and Bizinthehood Business. †

The Bizinthehood Standard
The ideal candidate for any Bizinthehood position should be driven, professional, punctual, reliable, dependable, consistent, creative, a team player yet a leader, dedicated, someone who wants to seize an opportunity, someone with a great personality, someone who is fun, engaging, outgoing, focused, detail oriented and results oriented, an effective time manager, efficient, self motivated, confident, a quick learner, someone wants to make a difference, someone who wants to be a part of something big, someone who is relentless, full of energy, willing to build something from nothing, is not a clock puncher, able to travel, willing to do whatever it takes, and is genuine, drug free, keeps it real and is honest.

This is not hyperbole, we are looking for a certain type of person. We donít care as much about your work history, pedigree or your past. Who are you right now, and what can you DO? That is what matters. We are looking for people who can get RESULTS. We do not pay for service, we pay for RESULTS. If you do not fit The Bizinthehood Standard, do not apply. We will know. It isnít something you can hide. If you fit the standard, please check out the positions we have available and apply.

Really, what is taking you so long? :)

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Don't Get It Twisted. The Hood Knows Business.TM
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