Mel Edmond
Philadelphia, Pa.
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Mel Edmond

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Custom Designed Muffs
About Mel Edmond
Mel Edmond, the owner of Mel Edmond Enterprises is a local Philadelphia born and raised designer who specializes in creating individually customized, one of a kind Muffs for her clients, in addition to a collection of Headbands and Hat Bands. Each custom Muff is designed for the individual, with a myriad of options for fabrics, size, style and additional options which include custom lined zipper accessory pockets.

Ms. Edmond is also a leading Blogger in the Philadelphia Fashion scene. Her Blog covers local, national and international fashion and news, while the blog's Street Fashion feature has become a prime attractive, as it brings the spotlight to the everyday street fashionista, presenting them and their fashion sense to the world.

Visit for more information on Mel Edmond's designs. Mel Edmond and Maryann's daughter is about more than just fashion and design. Maryann's Daughter has a mission to embrace and empower both women and girls of all ages with high hopes of helping them build a certain level of confidence. Confidence and security in who they currently are and the strength and confidence to strive to become whatever they want to be. Our unique accessories are just part of our strategy to make any and all of our sisters regardless of circumstance, background, economics or geography feel beautiful inside and out!

So check out both and, order a custom Muff, headband or hatband....and of course remember to tell Mel you saw her on Bizinthehood.
"If Fashion Goes There...How Far Will U Take It?!?
The Mel Edmond Debut Commercial
The Bizinthehood produced debut commercial for Mel Edmond. The commercial is playing throughout Philadelphia on cable networks including BET, Style, E!, VH1, LOGO and more.
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