"Don't get it twisted....The Hood knows business."
BizInTheHood: The Mission
"The Hood Dollar"

BizInTheHood celebrates business in the hood as part of the mission to draw attention to the importance of the "hood dollar", by helping to cultivate, support, grow and promote the small businesses, entrepreneurs and independent self employed individuals who stimulate the economy. In addition we are a resource to the community by providing access and information on the products and services the community needs, discounts and deals, in addition to information, news, entertainment, job opportunities, small business grants and our ultimate goal---scholarships. That is Bizinthehood in a nutshell. That is the elevator pitch.

The Mission? Plain and simple...The Hood Dollar. Our purpose and mission is to honor the businesses and the people of "the hood" that stimulate and circulate the hood dollar, by promoting, growing, supporting and elevating business in the hood, creating new business in the hood and providing support, economic growth and opportunities for the communities and people of the hood.

Our goal is to elevate the way business is done in the hood, to gain respect for the hood, because, we believe the hood dollar is just as important as every other dollar.

Bizinthehood is more than just a place to promote. We are a place to show your business, but…grow your business. To build new business. To encourage, nurture and fund the next generation of business. To inform you, educate you and represent you. To respect you and demand respect for you. We’re elevating the hood while we raise our flag, and represent our name.

We ARE Bizinthehood!

Bizinthehood is NOT ghetto. There are other outlets out there that are considered “ghetto”, although truth is, they are actually showing what is real. We, however, are about elevating business in the hood, stimulating the hood economy, and presenting a positive side to the inner city. While other outlets may be considered ghetto, (although they are showing what is real), Bizinthehood, however is NEVER ghetto, yet we KEEP IT REAL.

We are positioning ourselves to become a symbol of the hood--a positive symbol of the hood. A positive symbol for its people, its businesses and its dollars. Bizinthehood is a symbol for business. A symbol for the streets. A symbol for the hood.

It is important that the small inner city/urban business succeed, the businesses in the hood succeed. The hood dollar is important and the small business is the backbone of our national economy. If the people don’t support the inner city business, if the businesses dry up and go away, if the entrepreneurs give up, the barbers, stylists, artists, singers, rappers, designers and all the other independent hood economy stimulators quit....what happens to the economy, what happens to the neighborhoods, what happens to society and people as a whole? Each of these hood economy stimulators is important and collectively it is critical that they survive and succeed. We will be their symbol, their supporters, their advocates, their defenders, their voice. It is important that Bizinthehood succeeds.

We’re on a mission, and we need your support. But, if we are not going to stand up, flex our voice and be heard, then don’t complain about “them”, "life is not fair", “the man”, “disrespect”, “being powerless”, “not having opportunity”.... etc. We are asking for your support and for your participation, and asking you to stand up, and loudly proclaim--”this is MY hood”….and please, please, please Don’t Get it Twisted... THE HOOD KNOWS BUSINESS.
Holla @ Us
Don't Get It Twisted. The Hood Knows Business.TM
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