The Candy Lady
Philadelphia, Pa.
Singing Candy Lady

Singing Candy Lady

Street Hustler/Singer/Entertainer
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Hey, Did They Steal My Idea???? LOL
About The Candy Lady
If you don't know the Candy Lady, you are not from Philly!!! The Candy Lady is a mini Philadelphia celebrity, known throughout the city for her singing, and selling candy--with a box on her head--that never drops! She does not just sell candy, she sells joy and smiles. Tired of working for other people, and being fired all the time, she decided to create her own hustle. Inspired by her mother, who always was working a hustle either selling pies, cakes, dinners, jewelry, flowers--anything she could get her hands on, The Candy Lady decided to give it a try. Starting with hot dogs, chips and things like that, and then eventually discovering the product that would change her life--CANDY! The rest is history.

So look out for The Candy Girl on the streets of Philly. She is EVERYWHERE!!! (There must be 10 of her) Buy some candy, give her a smile...and of course remember to tell her you saw her on Bizinthehood.
Who Is That With The Candy Lady?
Go Candy, Go Candy, Go Candy...
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