"Don't get it twisted....The Hood knows business."

The Bizinthehood Mascot: The B!
He is EVERYWHERE....and he got The Hook-Up!!!
Bizinthehood is often referred to as "The B". Our logo known as "The B".
Well, our logo turned into a mascot, is named, you guessed it... "THE B"!!!
When The B is on the street he is out promoting for Bizinthehood or one of the clients On Bizinthehood. When you see him, take a pic with The B for a chance to win something AWESOME! Details coming ;)
Kids love The B! We all love The B!
Chillin in the hood! A New Fan!
Ladies love The B! Yep, Ladies love The B! Flexing!!
Throw them Bs Up! What a nice looking couple! 1, 2, 3 say "Bizinthehood"!
What a smile! Where is that bus??? The Ladies REALLY love The B!
VIDEO: The B vs. The Candy Girl!
Holla @ Us
Don't Get It Twisted. The Hood Knows Business.TM
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